Why You Should Be Excited for #AWX 2013

Ah, Advertising Week.

The one week during the year where advertising professionals come together and share their secrets, September 23rd through the 27th, in New York City, led by some of the most influential names in the industry.

I know, it sounds too good to be true.  Fortunately, it’s good, it’s true, and here’s why you should be excited about it.

Firstly, you should be excited because it’s the 10th Anniversary of Advertising Week.  That in itself is an accomplishment and will be celebrated by a kick-off concert hosted by Funkmaster Flex. The Advertising Week Experience, AWE (hang in there, I know there’s a lot of acronyms), is planning on talking about some “AWEsome” marketing solutions for this year.  I’ve concluded that these sessions will be even more AWEsome than the ones from Advertising Week Europe and last year’s Advertising Week.  And that’s saying something.

Secondly, the sessions include thought provoking topics, from technology, to leadership, to wisdom, led by big names in the industry, including Ariana Huffington (The Huffington Post), David Shing (AOL, @shingy), and Susan Credle (Leo Burnett) – and I’m only mentioning a mere few.  These leaders have found their niche in the industry, so listening to what they have to say will not only be interesting, but it will probably improve your performance on way or another.

Thirdly – networking! Advertising week is filled with individuals in the industry, from planners, to creative to clients.  After the sessions, there are events – this year there will be a concert, battle of the bands, breakfast, live stand-up and more.  These events are the perfect time to have a drink, settle in, and get to know those around you.

During the week, these professionals will hold discussions on trends Even if you aren’t attending #AWX in New York City on September 23rd-27th, you’ll still be able to tune in through live streams and check in through the #AWX app (available for iOS and Android).  The Advertising Week Social Club tends to recap these sessions as well, if you don’t have time to sit down and listen to them.

Here are some of the sessions I’m most looking forward to (and you can almost guarantee I will have an opinion about later next week):

Four Brands Winning the Millennial Game – 10 AM, Monday
Moderator: Will Pearson President & Co-Founder, MENTAL FLOSS
Jonathan Perelman VP Agency Strategy & Industry Development, BUZZFEED
Elizabeth Spiers Editorial Director, FLAVORPILL
Susanna Wolff Editor in Chief, COLLEGE HUMOR

Social Media Driving Social Change – 1 PM, Monday
Ali Velshi Correspondent, AL JAZEERA AMERICA
Roy Sekoff Founding Editor, THE HUFFINGTON POST

My Best Worst Idea – 5 PM, Monday
George Lois Former Art Director, ESQUIRE
Matt MacDonald CCO, JWT NEW YORK
Darren Moran CCO, HAVAS
Vivian Rosenthal Founder and CEO, SNAPS!

Kris Jenner One on One – 11 AM, Tuesday
Scott Donaton, Chief Content Officer, Universal McCann in an intimate conversation on brand and content building with Kris Jenner.

Women Find Their Voice: From Information Seekers to Content Creators – 1 PM, Tuesday
Alisa Volkman Founder, BABBLE
JJ Ramberg Host of Your Business; Founder of GoodSearch.com, MSNBC
Melissa Romig VP, Group Account Director, HAVAS MEDIA
Pilar Guzman Editor-in-Chief, CONDE NAST TRAVELER
Rachel Sklar Co-Founder, THE LI.ST
Samantha Skey Chief Revenue Officer, SHEKNOWS

Miss-Perception: Disrupting Millennial Myths & Stereotypes – 3 PM, Tuesday
Moderator: Donna Kalajian Lagani SVP & Publishing Director, COSMOPOLITAN & COSMOPOLITAN FOR LATINAS
Monique Coleman Actress, Advocate, Founder, GIMMEMO.COM
Christine Hassler Author, THE 20 SOMETHING MANIFESTO
Chelsea Krost TV & Radio Host, Millennial Expert
Maria Ramirez Multicultural Public Relations Expert, ALISON BROD PUBLIC RELATIONS

Listen Up! How Audio Connects Brands to Fans – 12 PM, Wednesday
Clear Channel Media + Entertainment leads a discussion about the power of music and talk radio to drive massive consumer engagement.

How Macy’s is Reinventing Retail – 3 PM, Wednesday
Martine Reardon CMO, MACY’S

The Sellout – 4 PM, Wednesday
Moderator: Harvey Leeds Owner, HEADQUARTERS
Peter Gannon SVP, Executive Music Producer, MCCANN
Andrew Hampp Senior Branding Coorespondent, BILLBOARD
Gabe McDonough VP Music Director, LEO BURNETT
Kenny Ochoa SVP, Creative Sync Licensing, WARNER BROS
Tommy Page VP Artist Partnership & Events, PANDORA
Bozoma Saint John Head of Music & Entertainment Mktg., PEPSICO
Ash Pournouri Owner & Founder, AT NIGHT MANAGEMENT

Culture is Everything – 12:30 PM, Thursday
Mike Hughes President, THE MARTIN AGENCY

Why Consumer Irrationality Isn’t So Irrational – 1 PM, Thursday
Matthew Willcox Executive Director, Institute of Decision Making, DRAFTFCB
Vladas Griskevicius McKnight Professor of Marketing and Psychology at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA

Are You Calling Me a Liar? – 4 PM, Thursday
Advertising people sometimes need to stretch the truth. Digiday will gather six leading agency executives, divided into two teams, to see who can tell tall tales the others will believe. Some stories told will be true, some will be false. Can you tell the difference?

Check out the calendar for yourselves and see the variety of events AWX has to offer!

Oh, and make sure to follow Advertising Week (@advertisingweek) on twitter for updates.

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The Age-Old Dilemma

(Inspired by Brand is the Effect of What You Do – Not the Cause, by Wolff Olins)

What came first the brand or the campaign?

This probably isn’t the classic dilemma that you’re used to hearing, but the same philosophy can be applied to branding in marketing.  Brand is created through the campaign and marketing of a product or idea – not vice versa.

While creating an idea for a brand is great, it a) will not work until it is implanted and b) once implemented, may not generate the reaction from consumers that was hypothesized.

Because branding is a little unpredictable.

Take, for example, certain campaigns or actions that have affected brand image in the eyes of consumers.  One of the more recent actions that have affected a brand’s image is AT&T posting a photo on 9/11, with a phone help up to the Tribute in Light in NYC, with the caption “Never Forget.”  Clearly, this social media post was meant in memoriam, it came across to the audience is distasteful and disrespectful. Needless to say, the photo was taken down.

While the cause of those campaigns or actions may not have to produce a certain image, once the public gets a certain idea in their head about a brand, it may be hard to change their minds.

This is where the philosophy should come in.

Can the brands fully grasp what the public’s reaction will be to their actions?

Probably not.

Which means there’s no way of knowing when the brand image could change (to a certain extent).

Brands should to the best they can to foresee how their actions and campaigns will come across to the general public and decide if the possible reaction can fit into what the brand image is hoped to be.

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Celebrating Pantone’s Golden Huebilee

Gold.  The color of achievement and triumph.  The color of success.

As this year marks Pantone’s 50th Anniversary, they are celebrating just that.
We plan on celebrating by showing you some our favorite Pantone picks.

Check it out below:

Name: Mariana, Art Director
Pick: I can’t really pick one, there’s just too many! Any color from 802 to 814 does it for me.
Why: Right now neons are IN pretty much for everything and they look amazing on print.
Find: Try looking at the SS 13 runway shows for some neon inspiration. From Dior to Proenza Schouler to Simone Rocha, it’s pretty obvious that neons are all the rage!

Name: Josh, Graphic Designer
Pick: Pantone Jay-Z Blue
Second: Pantone 250-3 Turquoise
Why: I have two favorite pantones. I like pantone Jay-Z blue, because I’m a big hip hop fan. And pantone 250-3 reminds of clear ocean water on a beach island.
Where else you can find it: You can usually find Blue Ivy with Beyonce or Jay-Z – but really, this color was used on the 2007 GMC Denali, the real reason the color was created.

Scott, our web designer, has a different opinion, however:

Find: Pantone Universe lives up to its name and is found everywhere – from iPhone cases, to paint, to bedding and bath collections.

From color of the year to creating colors specifically for brands, Pantone knows color.  And boy, are we glad that they do.

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Why Burke Blogs?

Where does creativity come from?

One thing we know is that creativity doesn’t come from one source. It can be drawn from everyday life or drawn from work that inspires us.

That’s why blogging is important to us!

As a full-service advertising agency, we know what it’s like to have “creator’s block,” so to speak. Our newly launched Burke Blog will be the perfect place to share ideas, industry trends, news, and maybe a place to find a little inspiration of your own. We’ll be sharing the thought behind our work, favorite music that puts us in the work groove, and up and coming projects to be on the lookout for.

But not only can blogging create ideas, but it can create discussion, which builds connections and opinions – something that agency life and advertising professionals appreciate as a community of creatives. This blog will be connected to our social media outlets, allowing you to interact with Burke in a more dynamic way.

We hope you will join our conversation as we discuss, explore and maybe even enhance the world of advertising.

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